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Training and Education

Bennu offers specialist, tailored training and education programs ranging from family and carer training to curriculum development and professional staff training. It’s principal, Jan Bishop is a well-recognised public speaker with national and international experience and expertise in the rehabilitation of people with Acquired Brain Injury and Neuro-degenerative Conditions.

Bennu’s training is thorough, practical, up-to-date. It includes:
  • Curriculum development for rehabilitation and disability
  • Special lectures and tutorials on rehabilitation and disability for professionals, carers and families
  • Professional Training with ‘Train the Trainer’ series
  • Family and Carer Training
  • Presentations and knowledge based education to the legal profession


"New dreams are coming …I believe we can do anything we want because now there’s lots of facilities and equipment in the world and I think even though it is limited, Saito  can do anything we want….if we believe the dream we can work hard, thanks to Jan’s support and training.

I believe family should be involved in all of the program.  I don’t know how to care but I do know how he feels.  He can not speak up but I can feel it myself”

Wife of Bennu client, highlighting the importance of the Bennu services, philosophy and training.

BENNU INTERNATIONAL Tel: 61 8 9245 3150

Bennu takes a holistic, tailored approach for each person to maximise the quality of life opportunities