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Bennu offers specialist expertise to support legal assessments for clients with acquired brain injuries and Neuro-degenerative conditions and is one of just a few accredited organisations nationally and in Western Australia.

The consultancy works locally, nationally and internationally and has provided advice for clients based in Sardinia, Italy and Japan.

Working under the guidelines and ethos of the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers Association, Bennu is committed to protecting and enhancing the rights of people who have suffered loss or injury, and to supporting injury prevention, expedient access to the courts, advocating for the administration of justice and upholding the common law system.

Bennu Principal, Jan Bishop, BSc (Health) MRCNA RN, AIMM is a Member of the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers Association.

“Jan Bishop's approach in assessing the future care needs and life plans for seriously disabled compensation claimants is unparalleled.  In my practice, I deal with claims and consultants throughout Australia and overseas. The general approach sees an occupational therapist prepare a one-dimensional report, based on a limited field of expertise.

Jan distinguishes herself from other consultants by drawing on a network of professionals from allied fields, so that her reports are truly multi-disciplinary and holistic. The result is a solution that provides not only a useful tool to the litigator, but also to clients and their families, giving them some direction and hope for the future. Jan has opened up new worlds for so many people.”

Michael Piu, Principal - Piu & Associates Lawyers
LLB, BA (Soc Sc)
Barrister & Solicitor (Victoria/ Western Australia/ High Court)
Commissioner of the Supreme Court of W.A. for Taking Affidavits


"I have had the privilege of working with Jan for many years.  Her knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm have been essential and assisted many of my clients to achieve excellent compensation settlements for many of my clients.  Jan’s patience in explaining the needs of persons with acquired brain injury, and the case management services of the Bennu team are unparalleled.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jan's services and would have difficulty identifying any person more qualified to provide advice in the area of acquired brain injury and the care needs of injured persons.”

Jeff Potter, Senior Associate, Friedman Lurie Singh and D’Angelo (0416 042 010


"As the principal of a small firm practising in the area of personal injuries Jan Bishop is the first port of call when determining the care management and requirements of clients suffering acquired brain injury.

When speaking with Jan it becomes immediately apparent that she has enormous experience and knowledge in the field of acquired brain injury such that she clearly possesses an ability to detect possible signs of subtle head injury necessitating review by medical specialists. 

It is also obvious that Jan is a genuine, honest and compassionate person whose only priority is the best interest of her clients.

Jan is extremely conscious of her client's personal circumstances and always stresses the importance of cultural and other factors when assessing care requirements.

My firm would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jan to any person or family who may require her assistance."

Greg Kuscevich, Kuscevich & Associates

"Jan Bishop’s deep understanding of the future care needs of severely disabled claimants is invaluable in supporting our litigation work on behalf of clients. She is an industry pioneer and her expert reports greatly assist the legal team in the conduct and ultimate settlement of personal injury claims."

George Georgiou, Vertannes & Georgiou, Lawyers


BENNU INTERNATIONAL Tel: 61 8 9245 3150

"Jan's approach in assessing the future care needs and life plans for seriously disabled compensation claimants is unparalleled "

Michael Piu, Piu & Associates Lawyers