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Bennu’s belief is that effective rehabilitation and case management must extend well beyond the individual and into the environment if an individual’s life pathway is to be maximised.
With this recognition, underscored by Barry Willer's ‘Whatever It Takes’ (WIT) philosophy, the Bennu team has pioneered new opportunities for thousands of people with disabilities, with Bennu an active and recognised advocate for people with acquired brain injury and neuro-degenerative conditions.

Many significant research projects and pioneering programs have been fostered and contributed to by Bennu, including cross-cultural education for Aboriginal people and breakthrough community programs for people with acquired brain injury. Bennu operates across cultural borders and works in many countries outside of Australia including Japan, Italy and the USA. 


Community Services include:
  • Lobbying for community projects, including ministerial, industrial, government and personal presentations to key influencers and industry bodies
  • Preparation of proposals and submissions, including costings and designs for projects to support people with disability
  • Costings and design of housing, including hostels, group houses, duplexes and triplexes
  • Development programs for Community Living options including with group housing of 12 people living together with individual rooms and ensuites
  • Design and costing of projects to create alternatives to current (and disappearing) employment opportunities.
  • Design of day rehab and respite programs
  • Development of mission, vision and costing programs, working with communities to support Quality of Life alternatives embracing accomplishment, employment and recreation.
  • New initiatives and developments in Italy and Japan to support people with acquired brain injury.
  • Collaborations with local, national and international architects, town planners, government agencies, legal representatives and other key community leaders

BENNU INTERNATIONAL Tel: 61 8 9245 3150

The Bennu team has pioneered new opportunities for thousands of people with disabilities