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Case Management

Bennu’s positive and professional case and program managers focus on ability, not disability.
Bennu helps clients to achieve their potential by enhancing opportunities, understanding goals and enriching the overall quality of life to broaden each person’s life journey.
Experienced case and program managers support clients with Bennu’s effective ‘Whatever It Takes’ (WIT) philosophy, enabling clients to achieve their individual goals and aspirations.
Bennu monitors, assesses, advocates and liaises with health professionals to coordinate treatment and consults with doctors and specialists, transport, housing and other groups, as required.
An holistic, tailored approach is taken for every client, with Bennu consultants always aware of all aspects of care and the changing needs of clients so as to maximise quality of life opportunities.

“The tonne of reports compiled by Bennu on behalf of our much loved family member left no stone unturned. Jan’s wealth of experience has provided answers to many unanswered questions. The empathy, compassion and thoroughness of the team was both enlightening and comforting in what may otherwise have been a harrowing experience.”

Grant Shea and Lyndon Tibby

Bennu’s Case Management Services:

  • Someone who will look beyond the disability to coordinate positive, practical services suited to the unique needs and circumstances of each of its clients.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the progress and performance of each client.
  • Assessment of each client’s progress including social and care needs, aspirations, and environment.
  • An advocate with the relevant health professionals and Government bodies for each of Bennu clients
  • Liaison with health professionals, the Department of Housing and Works and others, as required, to achieve positive outcomes for clients.
  • “Jan understands all of the issues. She looks beyond the disability to find solutions and prepare a life pathway plan that makes sense. She is like an oasis in a desert.”

    Viv Baldwin, mother of son, Dean, who has acquired brain injury
    and is living at home.

    "I have had the privilege of working with Jan for a number of years. Her knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm have been essential and assisted many of my clients to achieve excellent compensation settlements. Jan's patience in explaining the needs of persons with acquired brain injury and the case management services of the Bennu team are unparalleled. I have no hesitation in recommending Jan's services and would have difficulty identifying any person more qualified to advise in the area of acquired brain injury and the care needs of injured persons.

    Jeff Potter, Senior Associate, Friedman Lurie Singh and D’Angelo

Bennu’s professional team works with families, the legal profession and clients of all ages who have:

  • Acquired Brain Injury including motor vehicle or bike accidents, sporting injuries or negligence
  • Neurological conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone, Multiple Sclerosis and Fredericks Ataxia
  • Cerebral Vascular Accidents including stroke, epilepsy, tumours and sub-arachnoid haemorrhage
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Amputations
  • Re-entry Rehabilitation
  • Re-entry community living programs to enhance quality of life and opportunities
  • Behaviour Programs
  • Jan Bishop works closely with Indigenous and Ethnic Groups and has served as a  board member of Ethnic Disability Advocacy

Clients include people who are compensable through payouts, financed through insurances and privately funded.

“As the principal of a small firm practising in the area of personal injuries Jan Bishop is the first port of call when determining the care management and requirements of clients suffering acquired brain injury.

When speaking with Jan it becomes immediately apparent that she has enormous experience and knowledge in the field of acquired brain injury such that she clearly possesses an ability to detect possible signs of subtle head injury necessitating review by medical specialists.

It is also obvious that Jan is a genuine, honest and compassionate person whose only priority is the best interest of her clients.

Jan is extremely conscious of her client's personal circumstances and always stresses the importance of cultural and other factors when assessing care requirements.

My firm would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jan to any person or family who may require her assistance."

Greg Kuscevich, Kuscevich & Associates, Lawyers

BENNU INTERNATIONAL Tel: 61 8 9245 3150

"Bennu has an innovative care model and is totally client focused so that clients are making decisions for themselves to achieve an excellent outcome for all concerned, with a very cost effective service resulting."

Suzie Bridge RN and Ros Cumming RN,
Directors, Carenet Australia