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About Bennu

Bennu International Consultancy is a professional allied health and education consultancy with specialist expertise in rehabilitation and disability services relating to acquired brain injury and neuro-degenerative conditions.

Bennu’s positive and effective approach to rehabilitation and care is based on the Dr Barry Willer ‘Whatever It Takes’ (WIT) philosophy with all activities designed to enhance and contribute to the individual life pathway of clients so they can realise their potential.

The name, Bennu, means Phoenix, the mythical bird that is the quintessence of rebirth, mirroring Bennu’s philosophy and ethos of supporting and inspiring clients so they can flourish and rise to meet their challenges and opportunities.

In working with families to manage client rehabilitation and disability programs, Bennu:

  • Determines and plans individual support needs, prior to community re-entry, post-injury
  • Conducts assessments and provides compensation reports for court cases
  • Plans and costs the move of a person from an institutional setting into a community environment. This includes practical transition processes and evaluation
  • Conducts assessments and develops programs for people with challenging behaviours
  • Trains and supports professionals working with people with acquired brain injury
  • Works to promote each client’s rights and choices and opportunities
  • Focused on ability – not disability

Bennu costings are based on individual needs with proposals and estimates developed for each client. Please contact us for a full estimate and a proposed program to meet your needs.

Comments from Eri Satoru, Wife of Saito Satoru, a young Japanese couple holidaying in Western Australia.

….The situation with Saito is that he was injured in a motor vehicle accident and thrown away from the car. He arrived at the independent living unit arranged by Bennu in a coma. He couldn’t talk or initiate anything. He could not walk.

He has now started walking with a walking frame and talking. He can speak in English as well!

In the hospital it was just businesslike, but here in this the place with Bennu everyone looks after him like as a family.

We met Jan and Bennu through our lawyer, Michael Pui after Saito’s accident. My English was quite limited during that time and I had no idea what I should do. Michael introduced Jan and she introduced the facility where we are living. It’s perfect. It’s brilliant, so we decided to stay in Australia for treatment.

I think he’s quite comfortable here and feeling more like a family. It’s like a home. It is a 2 bedroom independent unit with one bedroom for each of us and a garden outside.

It would have been so different if I hadn’t met Jan. I would not have been able to cope by myself. It was such a difficult time. It is much better now, much easier. Through Bennu’s rehabilitation program it makes our life easier. It makes everything easier.

New dreams are coming …I believe we can do anything we want because now there’s lots of facilities and equipment in the world and I think even though it is limited he can do anything we want. If we believe the dream we can work hard.

Bennu client, Eri Satoru, Wife of Saito Satoru

BENNU INTERNATIONAL Tel: 61 8 9245 3150

"Jan understands all of the issues and looks beyond the disability to find solutions"

Viv Baldwin,